Running to Serve the District:

As an Isle resident, an Anishinaabe, an enrolled member of the Mille Lacs Ojibwe, I witnessed first hand the impact of how 20 years of our communities and townships have been struggling to provide jobs, education, housing, economic development transportation, childcare services and or emergency services for the benefits of the people of District 15. I am running to serve the residents of Senate District 15. I believe that working together we thrive. Too many politicians have divided our district. This has diminished opportunities residents need to succeed. I have no interests in being this type of politician if elected. As a State Senator, everyone in Senate District 15 will have their voice be heard. Only working together, united we thrive.

A Champion for education

I will be a champion for quality education; I want legislators to understand how dedicated our teachers administrators and parents are to seeing our children receive the best education possible. Residents of Senate District 15 work hard to care for their families. Our children deserve the resources needed to develop their talents. We may have smaller schools in rural towns, but just like the big schools in highly populated areas, we are also educating the next civic, the next business and family leaders. Our children deserve the resources needed to develop their talents

Job Creation

Residents of SD15 work hard to care for their families. At the State Capital I will find ways to attract businesses to our area so workers don’t have to commute too far for good paying jobs. Growing middle-class jobs will strengthen families and communities. The key to growing jobs in Minnesota is passing initiatives to help businesses grow. I will bring people together to find ways to spur economic development and bring new jobs to our communities.

Protecting our Environment

I strongly support families and small farms, I will focus on water quality and attracting organic farmers to the area. Hunting and fishing have a big impact on Senate District 15. From residents who have long-standing family traditions of time at the hunting shack or hours on the lake. These environmental assist must be protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy.